3 Forms Of Linear LED Tubes – The Retrofit Companies, Inc

3 Forms Of Linear LED Tubes – The Retrofit Companies, Inc


We break down the three commonest varieties of T8 and T5 LED tubes utilized in LED lighting retrofit initiatives and their varied pros and cons.


Does your facility, resembling a gymnasium, industrial or industrial building, have excessive ceilings?

Type A lamps are a very good solution in many purposes due to the increased ability to manage the light through ballast factor.That is currently the one LED T8 lamp system that’s capable of matching a T8 system working on a high ballast factor.

Type A lamps are a fluorescent ballast compatible lamp with exceptions. These exceptions are expansive, actually almost each manufacturer suggests consulting their listing of compatibilities before putting in LED T8 tubes. We’ve got discovered that there are even situations the place the neon led flex lamp product will not be suitable with ballasts from the same manufacturer.

Additional benefits of Type A lamps are that they come in several wattages and beam angles, and lumen output for this sort could be controlled by the existing ballast: Low Power (LP), Normal Power (NP), and High Power (HP). Most often, these lamps are put in as a easy “relamp” project, but it will be significant to consider the age of your ballasts when choosing this type. In the event you intend to alter ballasts the week after you set up these LED lamps, that will undermine the objectives and objectives of your project. Whether or not sort A is going to be the very best answer for your project depends enormously on your maintenance story.


Type B lamps are seeing a number of modifications in the industry as a result of their many dangers.

We are still seeing issues with the direct wire single-ended lamps, which require the ballast to be removed and the socket wired on to line voltage. Risks include the potential of lamp failure, sparks and even fires. If you beloved this article so you would like to be given more info about Neon led flex kindly visit our web-page. These single-ended lamps could have been beforehand chosen to reduce maintenance time, however they pose such a big safety threat that the trade is shifting towards the double-ended lamp.

Double-ended Type B lamps mitigate most of the security concerns as a result of there’s not a way for the electrical current to journey across the lampholder. This features a scenario the place you install a fluorescent lamp . You additionally not have to install an unshunted socket because of the twin-end nature of the new lamps. Some of the primary downfalls of the brand new model of these lamps are that they are very limited in lumen output choices (usually two mild ranges). That there at the moment are no identified lamps available on the market that can reach high output gentle levels required in the purposes talked about above.

Another frequent downfall of Type B LED lamps is the “flicker” issue. This is a matter that was once prevalent with T12. Was basically eliminated by T8 solutions. It has now come again with the sort B tubes, but it is not prevalent in Type A or Type C options. There are a couple of manufacturers that have come out with a flicker-free kind B resolution, however choices are restricted. The flicker is unnoticeable to many, but with some segments of the population it may be very debilitating (causing headaches, nausea, etc).


Type C’s are really the one “true LED system” among the T8 lamp options.

Type C Lamps are an LED lamp with a fixture mounted driver, with drivers now accessible with three completely different commonplace outputs in addition to programmable for extra/less output relying on required gentle ranges. The sort C lamp is much like an LED fixture in that you’ve a light engine and a separate driver.

Type C’s sometimes provide the longest life, and dimming functionality that the others don’t. The reason they’re not chosen as often is due to their larger worth point. Total value of owning a lighting system must be evaluated when contemplating whether or not these are your best funding. The sort C lamp has only recently achieved controllability utilizing completely different Mili-amp Drivers. The drivers are dearer, but in some situations the desire obtain a higher lamp life rating 60,000 versus 50,000 hours.

Type C lamps have their benefits, however as with Type B, linear led light many of the market offerings don’t seize the excessive lumen output category. The other difficulty we have discovered with Type C is that just about not one of the techniques are cross-compatible throughout manufacturers. Because of this you would doubtlessly be stuck with the producer. Product line that they’ve put in in the power. You would most certainly not be able to find a lamp or a driver from a different producer that works with your existing system down the street if that system is discontinued, or the producer goes out of business, in lots of circumstances leading to a completely new system funding.

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