Topic Vibes Manual: Comparisons, Measurements & Critiques<

Topic Vibes Manual: Comparisons, Measurements & Critiques<

Bullet Vibes Tutorial: Comparisons, Proportions & Reviews<

I’ve authored recently about why I love bullet vibrators hence very much. They frequently look in my best 3 beloved intercourse toys and games, which consistently evolves due to ongoing developments in delight tech. There happen to be therefore various bullet vibes to choose from – how can you turn out to be sure the one you’re ordering from an on the internet making love shop is usually proceeding to get orgasmically powerful? Desired to my topic vibrators guidebook! I’ll in addition be referencing the countless bullet vibrator assessments here at the love-making blog website.

What Is A Topic Vibe?

Topic vibrators are so-called because they’re bullet designed and small besides. Quite often these toys are in addition explained as minuscule vibes, pants pocket vibrators or have additional, comparable labels.

As nicely just as the shape of the sex toy making its name appropriate, a “bullet” vibrator will be a tiny but effective object which can vibrate at large acceleration, applied to precisely target erogenous specific zones and assist tip you over into ‘la tiny mort’. They’re typically used to supply strong clitoral stimulation, but of study course you can use them wherever and nevertheless you select. Simply not anally, as they don’t have a flared bottom part. But just about everywhere else is fine!

Why Are Bullet Vibes Popular?

Topic vibrators happen to be famous because their smaller size tends to make them simple and easy to use, light and portable to carry and versatile. They’re discreet for solitary masturbation but as well little enough to deliver non-threatening additional enjoyment during newlyweds’ foreplay and love-making. I’ve discovered helpful topic vibes costed from around £12+ as effectively, generating them best for every spending budget.

These smaller size vibrators happen to be typically many quieter than large vibrators, producing them ideal for conditions where discretion is a must -shared residences, the work loo in your lunchtime break up… etc. Plus, the small measurement merged with reduced noise productivity helps make bullet vibes excellent for falling into your handbag or end of the week case for naughtiness on the approach.

Today you learn what bullet vibrators are, and why they’re thus well-known, let’s get a look at most of my faves!

My Top 5 Beloved Bullets

1. Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Topic Vibrator

My favorite bullet vibrator right nowadays can be the Ann Summers Moregasm In addition to Topic Vibrator. It’s ended up offering the absolute majority of my ejaculations since I analyzed it in August 2018, which displays just simply how lazy I are I think. This vibrator will be made with dual density silicone consequently there’s a splendid squish issue in the hint, while retaining more than enough rigidity to turn out to be grindable…

The Moregasm+ bullet is likewise rechargeable, waterproof and has different vibrating configurations. On the best constant swiftness, orgasm is certainly an definite confidence for me -typically in less than 30 seconds if I completely give up to its electricity.

Read my Ann Summers Moregasm In addition Bullet Vibrator evaluation

2. Supporting Pleasure Strength Bullet Vibrator

Narrowly & fairly recently shoved into second spot, the Caring Pleasure Electricity Bullet Vibrator has been my beloved bullet vibrator for practically two years (2016-2018).

Made from a effortlessly coated organization vinyl, the Loving Joy Energy Bullet delivers amazingly strong vibrations which will be about the more deeply quite than high-frequency, buzzy side of the spectrum. That’s strange for a topic vibe, generally the tiny dimensions blended with small batteries turns to a tinny buzz which doesn’t receive me off.

As effectively just as supplying vibrations practically deeply more than enough to be defined simply because rumbly, the Loving Joy Energy Bullet is rechargeable and waterproof. Regrettably, the recharging pier helps this otherwise wonderful vibrator down, in my impression. It’h flimsy, cheap and does not go with the major item. I significantly anticipation potential future incarnations will contain an upgraded pier.

Read my Loving Joy Rechargeable Energy Topic Vibrator analysis, plus a overview by the Pleasure -panel.

3. We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator

The We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator can be a rechargeable, strict (plastic) bullet vibe which delivers a just a bit unique type of vibrating stimulation than any some other bullet vibe I’ve employed. Instead of substantial frequency vibrations, the Tango delivers a deeper, more thuddy vibration which can make for really successful clit stim. It’h waterproof, and offers the procedure push button on the foundation. While the main body system of the We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator will be cylindrical, the tip can be cleverly angled for deeply exact stimulation.

Available in pink or pink (or cosmic purple, if received as part of the We Vibe Wedding anniversary Placed), the We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator will be frequently named as ‘favorite bullet vibe’ amongst my girlfriends. You shell out a little touch even more, as it’s a rechargeable gender doll and consequently represents an expense, but it’s certainly well worth the price tag.

Read my We Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator assessment, plus different others from the Pleasure Board workforce.

4. Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

My Tracey Cox Supersex Topic Vibrator will be a silver-coloured plastic bullet vibe with a press button to operate in one ending, xxx film and a rounded tip for comfy yet correct stimulation about the various other. It’s furthermore available in dark or pinkish.

Unlike my top two faves, – – the Tracey Cox Supersex Topic Vibrator is not rechargeable but is certainly alternatively powered by one AAA battery. It’s fully waterproof kudos to the silicone wrapping up ring between the twist-off cap and the remainder of the topic.

Despite becoming battery power powered, and the vibrations certainly not becoming fairly mainly because full and rumbly just as the Loving Joy or Ann Summers Moregasm models, the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator nonetheless features remarkably powerful vibrations for its size. They’re definitely not higher rate ‘tinny buzz’, in my thoughts and opinions, they’re middle of the to substantial and quickly sufficiently to take me to a discreet, nourishing ejaculation whenever I select. This will be a good option for the budget-conscious, with a common retail selling price of just under £15.

Tracey Cox provides produced a large variety of making love gadgets in alliance with Lovehoney, including a rechargeable, multi-function release of this bullet vibrator. You can get all the Tracey Cox gender gadgets right here.

5. Rubble off RO-80me Ammunition For Adore

You can find away additional about the Stones Away RO-80mm bullet vibrator in the Rocks Away from section arriving up in the future in this post.

Nowadays, allow’s take a start looking at some people of the other bullet vibrators available:

Lovehoney Bullet Vibes

Lovehoney possess manufactured different of their own bullet vibrators in recent yrs, mainly because some of their several degrees. Much of the time, a design of gender playthings simply runs (or offers), hence you’ll generally get a comparable rabbit or rear end plug or whatever it may end up being easily re-branded and color themed for whichever selection it’s a component of. But quite often, a model of making love toy will be upgraded/made especially for a selected collection, thus it will possess its own exceptional capabilities setting it separately from related models.

Sub-ranges are frequently complete just as the connected style passes or to generate method for funky brand-new brand names. Current cases will be the Bettie Page, Mötley Crüy, Motorhead, Oh-Moji, Constructive Vibes, Tokidoki a and Broad Metropolis intimacy gadget choices.

Let’s take a quick appear at lots of of the several Lovehoney bullet vibrators right now out there:

Lovehoney Desire High end Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Some of the alluring Lovehoney Desire selection, the Lovehoney Desire High class Rechargeable Topic Vibrator comes with a stunning storage bag, will be fully waterproof and offers a mesmerising number of stimulating capabilities. It’t USB rechargeable and possesses a take a trip lock for worry-free orgasmic satisfaction when aside from home.

Read the Lovehoney Desire High end Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator overview

Fifty Tones of Gray We Aim To Just Bullet

Here’s another bullet vibe which is from a famous series -a label you merely might have listened to right here and there over the previous few decades. The Fifty Shades of Gray We Purpose To Make sure you Bullet Vibrator bears the similar silver overall tone as the snooze of the original Fifty Colours making love model series, and arrives in a personalized field offering a darkly erotic coloration system and rates from the guide.

This battery-powered bullet vibe is totally waterproof, has a motivate button operation and features sole quickness vibration. It’s quite related to the unique Tracey Cox Supersex topic vibrator, merely with the Fifty Hues branding.

Read my Fifty Hues of Grey We Aim To Please Topic Vibrator overview, plus a bonus assessment by the Pleasure Board.

Lovehoney Magic Topic 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

The Lovehoney Magic Topic 10 Function Silver Topic Vibrator is equivalent to the Lovehoney Fantasy Topic 10 Function Bullet Vibrator in purple or pink, and the Lovehoney Power Have fun 10 Function Topic Vibrator.

Powered by one AAA electric battery, this waterproof bullet vibe is a basic but reliable toy container essential. It features 10 stimulating capabilities, will be noiseless during employ and can boost one or propagated seductive enjoyment sessions.

Read a Lovehoney Magic Topic 10 Function Silver Topic Vibrator evaluation

Lovehoney A good Little Bit Of Magic Making love Toy Kit Bullet Vibrator

This mermaid-tail designed bullet vibrator comes mainly because part of the eye-catching A new Small Bit Of Magic Intimacy Toy Kit. It’s all about colourful glimmer, and orgasmic satisfaction to boot. I didn’t locate this bullet vibrator as powerful/effective for me as the Tracey Cox, Fifty Colours or very similar bullets, generating it best for those who prefer medium somewhat than high-powered vibrations.

It’s battery-powered, waterproof and provides a push-button starting operation.

Read my Lovehoney A Very little Bit Of Magic Intimacy Toy Kit assessment

Rocks Away Topic Vibrators

Boulders Away from will be the producers of the best-selling RO-80 bullet vibrator, enjoyed by consequently numerous orgasm-hunters all over the world. The RO-80 had been marketed only, or as the driven device within (& removable from) various earlier Boulders Off making love toys and games, like as the Ordinary Girl, Butt Fruits and Little Friends.

The RO-80 is also the vibrating strength behind Shed Simove’s OMG! Vibrator, which I reviewed lately. Rocks Off intimacy gadgets are usually often rebranded under licence by Ann Summers.

Since my early days enjoying Rubble Out of making love toys both from a work perspective and during personal satisfaction lessons, the selection has turn into extra enhanced in words of the different types obtainable and their stimulating capabilities. Here’s the assortment of Rubble Off bullet vibrators currently available:


The original Rubble Out of RO-80mm bullet vibrator seemed to be your ‘basic’ one acceleration, power supply driven, force button about the bottom part operation, waterproof, powerful mini vibrator. I state fundamental, not as a criticism but as an exact description. This was an Washboard abs plastic vibrator casing a effective small motor unit, with noiseless vibrations which have been definitely not necessarily rumbly but not higher occurrence ‘tinny’ buzz, either. It obtained the job carried out – for me, and for numerous others, if you Search engines for RO-80 bullet ambience evaluations.

Right now, the Rubble Down RO-80mm bullet vibrator comes in a 7 vibrating functionality option (or nevertheless one acceleration, if you favor), with an number of diverse colours and styles available. You can choose from sterling silver, flower money, rainbow, violet, green, crimson, dark-colored, leopard printing, plants printing, and extra.


There will be nowadays several Rubble Off of bullet vibrators in the just a little greater size of 90mm span. Aside from the rechargeable option, these 90mt vibes are driven by one AAA battery. They’re all waterproof, and give 10 functions of vibrating enjoyment.

  • Rocks Down Shoot To Thrill 10 Function Topic Vibrator (available in increased money or silverado) £13.99
  • Rubble Off of Touch of Velvet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (accessible in Pink Rose, Aqua Lily, Very soft Lilac, Peach Bloom, Sunflower Summer months & Peacock Petals) £15.99
  • Dirt Away from Cosmic Impress 10 Function Topic Vibrator (accessible in Ultra, Spectra or Electra) £19.99
  • Dirt Away from Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Vibromatic Delights Topic Vibrator (accessible in Daydream, Halcyon Daze or Night time Wish) £18.99
  • Rubble Out of Truly Yours 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (Crimson Kiss & Scarlet Velvet) £15.99
  • Gravel Out of Opulent Pleasures 10 Function Topic Vibrator (Tiffany Violet/Coco Flower Magic) £21.99
  • Gravel down Ignition Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator in Flower Magic £29.99


The RO-100mm vibrators are available in the original stiff Abdominal plastic type, or with a silicone softer tip for fluttery orgasmic fun. The sticking with are usually all waterproof and battery motorized.

  • Rubble Away from RO-100mm Softer Tip Bullet Vibrator (obtainable in dark-colored, red, purple or pinkish) £14.99
  • Stones Out of RO-Mona (in lilac or purple) £14.99
  • Rocks Away Bamboo 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (obtainable in increased magic, black, fire, ice or mondri-anne) £14.99-18.99. This vibrator provides a cuboid design with angled hint.


These are usually likewise electric battery power, requiring two AAA batteries to performance. They give 10 modes of vibrating enjoyment, and they’re totally waterproof.

  • Boulders Down RO-120mm Ammo L’Amour Topic Vibrator (available in rose gold, chrome, fuchsia, reddish colored or money) £19.99
  • Boulders Off of Truly Yours Topic Vibrator (in Red Alert) £19.99


Rocks Off of RO-140mm Light Tip Bullet Vibrator (accessible in dark, purple, purple or lilac) £24.99. This fluttery idea vibrator requires two In sizing batteries, features 7 features and is totally waterproof.


These 160mm intercourse toys will be receiving very chunky to still be identified as ‘bullet vibes’, but they have that signature form and will be bigger editions of their small siblings.

They’re almost all waterproof -of course -and demand two AA batteries to feature. Operation can be via the normal thrust switch on the bottom part. These vibes all feature 10 functions of vibrating satisfaction.

  • Rubble Off Chance By The Strength Of Take pleasure in (available in flower yellow metal, red, leopard print, purple, cobalt violet and dark red purple) £24.99
  • Stones Off of Lal Hardy (Minds & Roses) £26.99
  • Boulders Off Truly Yours (Rouge Allure) £24.99

Some other Stones Out of Bullets

Amongst the prosperity of some other making love playthings Stone off produce, there’s a few stand-alone bullet vibes which happen to be worthy of getting a appear at. These beautiful making love toys and games happen to be waterproof as typical, and require one AAA to purpose. They offer you 10 vibrating capabilities.

  • Gravel Away Unihorn (multicoloured/iridescent) £19.99
  • Boulders Off of Aura (sterling silver) £19.99
  • RO-LUX (went up magic) £16.99

Rocks Off of own as well built various sex toy models, under the sub-range ‘Feranti’. These frequently incorporate a topic vibrator such as the RO-80mn, and they’re a excellent way to swiftly & very easily add a small number of Rocks Off vibrators to your doll box for a range of experience.

and at Bondara.

Consequently Divine Topic Vibrators

Therefore Divine make reliably effective gender gadgets, largely in red and purple tones with a dash of sterling silver and flower platinum below and there. Their selection incorporates different topic vibrators, which will be powered by the typical thrust option on the basic. They’re all battery operated (unless stipulated as rechargeable) and waterproof.

  • Thus Divine Doin’ It Miniature Vibrating Topic (White) £6.99
  • Hence Divine Sexy MF Mini Vibrating Topic (Pink) £6.99
  • Thus Divine Spanish Kiss Vibrating Bullet (Red) £7.99
  • Consequently Divine Require You Tonight Vibrating Topic (Silver) £7.99
  • So Divine Rose Money Halo Vibrating Bullet £7.99
  • So Divine Thinkin’ Onslaught You Vibrating Bullet £7.99
  • Therefore Divine Whole Lotta Take pleasure in 7 Function Bullet Vibrator (80mm, Black) £10.99
  • Thus Divine Afternoon Captivate 10 Function Topic Vibrator (90mm, Magenta) £13.99
  • Thus Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator £29.99

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Shop most of Consequently Divine bullet vibrators:

Minx Bullet Vibrators

Minx will be a brand from Easily Pleasure; one of the Minx, Linx and Kinx trio of cost-effective, budget-friendly gender toy brands. There are a very few bullet vibrators under the Minx branding. Opinions suggest these aren’t the most powerful or high-class bullet vibrators out there, but they’re undoubtedly a affordable and simple way to add some latest exploratory fun to your gadget pack and enjoyment trainings.

  • Minx Dry Single Full speed Topic Vibrator £5.95
  • Minx Bliss 7 Mode Waterproof Topic Vibrator £9.95
  • Minx Bloom 10 Function Waterproof Bullet Vibrator £10.95
  • Minx Convenience Topic Whisper Soft Small Vibrator £11.95

Click to read all our Minx sex toy reviews

Bondara Topic Vibrators

Bondara offer two main ‘own-brand bullet vibrators, which seem closely modelled in the Gravel Off type of bullet vibe. Effectively… if it ain’testosterone levels broke! There’s a solo speed option for much less than £5, and a 10 purpose style for only under £10. Unfortunately they’re marked mainly because only ‘splashproof’. They’re in addition power supply operated, and come in a great impressive selection of colors.

  • Bondara Pocket Pleasure Single Rate Topic Vibrator (went up gold, metallic, pinkish & crimson) £4.99
  • Bondara Throw to Thrill 10 Function Topic Vibrator (reddish, material black, went up by magic, azure, red, purple, sterling silver) £9.99
  • Bondara 5-Accelerate Long Strength Topic £14.99

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Store almost all Bondara bullet vibes:

Ann Summers Bullet Vibrators

I’ve already waxed lyrical about how very much I just love the Ann Summers Moregasm In addition Topic Vibrator… it’s now top rated of my portable faves. Ann Summers have fabricated a assortment of some other bullet vibrators also, as very well as re-branding a couple of the Gravel Off variations under licence.

Plenty of of the Ann Summers bullets are usually power supply powered, lots of will be rechargeable – and costs own a reasonable collection to charm to both the budget-conscious and those searching for a long-term investment decision in enjoyment.

  • Ann Summers Moregasm In addition to Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator £45
  • Quantum 7 Accelerate Vibrating Bullet £16
  • Ann Summers Chrome Bullet Vibrator £13
  • Ann Summers Small Topic (in green, purple or metallic) £6
  • Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Rechargeable Silicone Topic £35
  • Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Rechargeable Energy Topic £25

Apparently re-branded from Stones Away from under licence:

  • Tough Travel Bullet £15 (equivalent to the RO-80 Sir Luvalot)
  • Rose Money Small Vibrator £15 (similar shape as the RO Aura)

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Go shopping most Ann Summers bullets:

BMS Factory Bullet Vibrators

I unquestionably love the intensive electricity that BMS Factory have handled to squeeze into their frequently small-sized motors. They produced the ability behind one of my all-time preferred rabbit vibes, the Swan Whooper – and their topic vibes happen to be in the same way effective. In reality, they’ve possibly known as their personal fashion the ‘PowerBullet’!

BMS Factory possess some sub-ranges which include a bullet vibe as well – plenty of of which will be battery power run, lots of will be rechargeable. You can get BMS Factory sex playthings at many leading grownup model merchants on line.

  • PowerBullet Breeze (2.25 inch, 3.5 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch options, and various colours)
  • Platinum PowerBullet (3 inch or 5.5 inch)
  • MiVibe with Chain (3-speed waterproof PowerBullet on neck chain, in numerous colours)
  • Rain Textured Topic Vibe (3 inch, 7 functions)
  • Wonderlust Purity (Violet, Light red or Purple)
  • Simple & Accurate 3.5 inch Rechargeable Topic (Pink, Teal or Purple)
  • Pillow Speak Flirty Rechargeable Tiny Massager (White or Teal)
  • Small Swan Pink Silicone USB Rechargeable Waterproof Topic Vibrator
  • Mini Swan Diamond Silicone USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

Stone Candy Toys and games Bullet Vibrators

Rock Sweet Making love Toys present a selection of products consequently eye-poppingly colourful they immediately set a grin on my face. With delicious sound titles and drool-worthy colouring systems, it might get rough to resist their candy-style draw. They experience very much much better in other places than on your tongue, however!

There’s a couple of bullet-style vibrators in the funky Mountain Candy Gender Toys and games selection; they’re quick to use, battery-powered and waterproof.

  • Rock Sweets Mega Tiny Bullet (Red, Pink, Lilac or Magenta) £6.95
  • Stone Candy Candies Stick (Bubblegum Light red, Blueberry Violet, Cinnamon Purple & Jelly Bean Blue) £23.95

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Perlesque Topic Vibrators

Perlesque making love gadgets feature an up-market vibe for recognisably effective intercourse toy styles. Their selection comprises various vibrators in gentle and darkish grey sounds, which is desirably en vogue. The prices are a little large, in my impression, but as an independent grownup item maker with no 3 rd event, recognized vendors that I’m aware of, I’m positive they possess a lot of overheads to handle.

These appear to be your glamorous ‘handbag vibrators’; love-making playthings which I wouldn’t be amazed to look at plugs of between the pages of top rated glossy magazines, using in Jimmyjane Bit of Chroma’s footsteps.

  • Perlesque Rhea Small Bullet Vibrator £25
  • Perlesque Eirene Bullet Vibrator £30
  • Perlesque Lyra Tiny Strength Vibrator £30
  • Perlesque Artemis Energy Vibrator £40

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Shop most Perlesque sex playthings:

Durex Topic Vibrators

Durex happen to be probably best regarded for their condoms -they’re the brand an individual are able to promise you’ll spy in the ‘friends and xxx film family setting up’ locations of supermarkets and substantial street chemists. Along with their well-known condoms, Durex furthermore make lubricants and a assortment of gender toys and games.

I haven’t experienced very much luck with Durex sex toys privately. I get the vibrations incredibly losing likened to various other options on the marketplace. Certainly not simply in terms of sheer ability -I don’t evaluate everything to the jackhammer joys of the Doxy- but in terms of the kind of vibrating stimulation. The Durex vibrators I’ve attempted so much appear to get both excessive frequency buzzy and frustratingly fragile.

I was thrilled to be asked in the board of consultants prior to one of their variety unveilings a few decades back; just to be let down to discover they’d currently made all the systems -copy any pro ideas, wants or tips totally moot.

  • Durex Intense Please Bullet Vibrator £9.99
  • Durex Thrilling Touch Stroker Vibrator £19.99

Cosmopolitan Love-making Toys and games

Identified mainly because one of the leading women’s glossy magazines, Cosmopolitan lately ventured beyond intimacy tips and printing a several sex toy evaluations and introduced their personal selection. The Cosmopolitan sex model series features just one bullet vibrator, the Cosmopolitan Enchantment Rechargeable Topic Vibrator available in green or purple.

Although neither the Pleasure Section or We possess tried any Cosmopolitan intimacy gadgets but, this will be expectantly to alter in the around long term… therefore view this room! I’m really engaged to get out if like an founded publication has got successfully introduced a selection of powerful making love gadgets that consumers and reviewers like.

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