Shahidur Rahman Sikder

Shahidur Rahman Sikder

Real Brief History of the Universe

See into- Anew Universe Explore Alone: It’s flawless and spreads the cosmology, encyclopedia scientific theoretical data, figures and pictures. Those are innovations in global collaborative learning between people and school students to higher education of Real History of the Universe & Cosmology. Fulfillment Creations of the Universe of Physics Worlds and Cosmology- can be found Google Search “Real Brief History of the Universe” & See into- What’s the value of communicating my research!

My research results are most important for the worldwide people and future generations. It is relevant to better civilization is highly needed. It is exploring and sharing the wonder of Astronomy/Astrophysics & Cosmology in the theories with the Faculty of Philosophy of Science. People find out real history of Creations of the Universe & Cosmology & it’s most important for Mankind.

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If any bodies exist around the world! Strict the right note or put up to note sheet on the thesis-

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