About Nobel Prize 2022 — Great Scientist Shahidur Rahman Sikder

About Nobel Prize 2022 — Great Scientist Shahidur Rahman Sikder

An open proposal letter from Benzene Ring Society for Science Planet

Dr. James Peebles- Nobel Prize in Physics 2019! Prize was awarded for (1) Evolution of the Universe (2) How the Universe evolved after the Big Bang (3) Earth’s place in the cosmos.

See into at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/359055732_Nobel_Prize_in_Physics_2019 In order of merit found realism- Who was the right one for discovery – Prize awarded causes???

Following above in the link- found another link & on this link page below- found the most important link page with the thesis and it can display in Journals and English newspapers, then can submit to the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022.


Real Brief History of the Universe

It’s flawless and spreads the cosmology, encyclopedia scientific theoretical data, figures and pictures. Those are innovations in global collaborative learning between people and school students to higher education of Real History of the Universe & Cosmology. Fulfillment Creations of the Universe of Physics Worlds and Cosmology- can be found Google Search “Real Brief History of the Universe” & can share it around the World.

Consequently, without this Book- how can we give the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022? Because in my research results in this Book everything is discovered about the creations of the Universe & Cosmology.

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